Niina Bagdasar,

Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy,

IET Practitioner, Life Coach,  Medical Intuitive,


Helping to unlock your potential through energy work        

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If you are looking for financial advice, I no longer practice financial planning. However, I do coach especially women in becoming financially independent thinkers!

The reason I quit my lucrative wealth management business is that I had discovered that clients who struggle with this area in their lives most often cannot be helped through portfolio management nor financial planning. As my passion is to help the humanity, I found it quite frustrating not to be able to guide my clients to shift from fear to Love with the tools I had learned through my education or experience as a financial adviser.

Whether it was anxiety, fear, greed or shame that was holding my wealth management client back, by doing what I was taught in Certified Financial Planner curriculum could not solve the riddle!

I came to understand that very often what happens in our finances is reflection on a deeper issue.

Often these deeper issues point to a history of emotional, mental or spiritual traumas that can only be helped through inner work. - And while looking for ways to jump-start this clearing of the old, I came across a modality called Integrated Energy Therapy. PLEASE also read my blog!